Promises, swear them to the sky.

Were on the bus from airlie to magnetic now. Freezing my ass of because of the air-con! Just a ferry ride left though and then were there! Yey! Our plans for today? Me, sabrina and sis are gonna go snorkeling on the great barrier reef all day! Have to save some money and were gonna get free snorkeling equipment from our hostel! Have almost just as much international friends as swedish friends who read my blog now so might just start to write on English from now on... If I'm not too lazy, hehe. I'm not the best on English either but I hope you'll bare with me! Back to my ipod now! Can't wait to get out in the heat.. and throw myself in the sea! Think i'm getting a bit spoiled with all this heat...

Postat av: N

Faaan va du sååå gör mig avundsjuk, snorkla i stora barriär revet.. fan du gör allt man SKA göra :D

bomba oss med bilder sen!

2012-03-29 @ 22:41:47

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